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We guarantee the absolute best services imaginable for your money. We offer a wide variety of investment options to meet your needs, no matter what you investment amounts are. We welcome all investments, offering a chance to make as much profit as you can from the trading and selling of Bitcoins possible.

Welcome to Maxo Coin Arbitrage trading of cryptocurrencies is the fastest growing form of arbitrage trading globally today. Cryptocurrencies are growing fast around the world and the arbitrage trading of them and their opportunities are rich. The volatility of cryptocurrencies makes for plentiful arbitrage opportunities on a daily basis even when there are down days. The ups and downs on a daily basis allow us to execute dozens of trades per day on multiple exchanges to generate profit for you our client and as a whole. 


Most popular methods: Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer (SWIFT, SEPA), cryptocurrency


Registration in UK, MSB status in FinCEN, essential licenses and strong relations with banks


Protection against DDoS attacks, full data encryption, compliant with PCI DSS standards


Limit & market orders available. Margin trading and stop orders coming soon


Providing services in 99% countries around the globe, including 24 states of USA


Trading via website, mobile app, WebSocket and REST API. FIX API for institutional traders


We believe Maxo Coin has the potential to be not just a digital currency, but the future of money. Our mission is to strengthen the future of the Maxo Coin ecosystem by promoting innovation, decentralization, standardization, openness and community participation.